2019 Fall Semester Courses at Ban Ki-moon Institute for Global Education in Support of UNAI (IGE)
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Ban Ki-moon Institute for Global Education in Support of UNAI (IGE) 
2019 Fall Semester Courses

Ban Ki-moon Institute for Global Education in Support of UN Academic Impact (IGE) is the world's first institute to provide Globally Responsible and Advanced Citizenship Education (GRACE) for sustainable peace and prosperity in the 21st Century.

Starting from the Fall 2019 semester, IGE offers Holistic Global Citizenship Program (HGCP) to develop global leaders in the era of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The main focus of HGCP is to transform the mindsets and attitudes of global leaders based on IGE's educational philosophy, H.U.M.A.N.E.* education. Furthermore, experts of various fields analyze the 21st century's global issues in the perspectives of global citizens and train global expertise to solve those issues in innovative and practical ways. 

The 6 core courses are co-operated with the School of Creative Convergence Education at Handong Global University and can be accredited for general English elective requirement. In addition, once the 6 core classes are completed, HGCP Certificate will be issued along with an internship opportunity at both domestic and international organizations.
For 2019 Fall semester, the 3 core classes, 'H', 'M', 'A' are offered and can be registered through the existing class registration process.  
(Course Code  H:CCE22003, M:CCE32004, A: CCE32005)

For more details of HGCP courses, please refer to the attached file.

Inquiries: Bo Woo Choi, Program Officer (02 3443 3939)

H: Honesty, Integrity & Responsibility
U: Universally Visible and Transcendent World-views
M: Mutual Collaboration for Sustainable Prosperity
A: Advancement of Capacity Building Everywhere
N: Networking for our Future Survival
E: Education for Global Citizenship