Young-Gil Kim

President of IGE

“The complex challenges of the 21st Century need a new global leader who works for the era of the UN SDGs. GRACE School offers Globally Responsible and Advanced Citizenship Education (GRACE) based on the educational philosophy of “H.U.M.A.N.E.*” to shape a new global leader equipped with capacities as well as mindsets and attitudes.”

The 21st Century has brought global issues that the has world never faced before. Their fundamental causes are mainly originated from man-made and man-induced behaviors and characteristics. Consequently, we must transform as human beings.

The “H.U.M.A.N.E.” Education, which transforms human beings, is the key solution to tide over the unprecedented global challenges and issues in the 21st Century. It should not only train expertise, but also raise global leaders possessing the mindsets and attitudes with the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, love. These values are the core competences of global leaders who transform the world.

During a time of global challenges and complexity, GRACE School has never been more relevant. GRACE School is the world's first institution that provides comprehensive GCED programs.

At GRACE School, we share the common passion and goal of transforming the world through education and propelling forward to bring a sustainable future in the era of UN SDGs and beyond. I invite you to our GRACE community where “we see the invisible, and challenge the future.”

* “H.U.M.A.N.E.” Education: ‘H’ stands for honesty, integrity & responsibility; ‘U’ stands for universally visible and transcendent world-views; ‘M’ stands for mutual collaboration for sustainable prosperity; ‘A’ stands for advancement of capacity building everywhere; ‘N’ networking for our future survival; and ‘E’ stands for education for global citizenship.