Non-Credit Programs

GRACE School provides game-changing programs and training for students, professions, and civil society to understand and to manage various challenges and issues around the world from perspectives of holistic global citizenship and gain competency in their practices in their areas of study and work. It is an opportunity for all participants to spend quality time with an executive coach to shape their personal insights into global impact.

  • Life-wide GCED Program
    1. 1. Children and Family GCED
    2. 2. Youth GCED
  • Global Citizenship Executive Leadership Program
    1. 1. Corporate executive program
    2. 2. Global leadership program
  • Internship Program
    1. 1. Youth global citizenship outreach
    2. 2. Global internship programs
  • Research and Consultation on SDGs and GCED
    1. 1. ODA projects
    2. 2. GCED journal and annual survey